About us

My name is Marianne Nilsson and I live in Ahus and has lived there most of my life.

My family consists of my husband Seth Nilsson and our three grown-up children and we also have the pleasure of having five grandchildren. Our pugs are like family members. Today we have four cuties named Molly, Hedda, Chess and last but not least, Cleo.

I've been lucky to always have dogs when even my parents were animal lovers. My first pug would definitely be black and he became our family member in 2003. A wonderful pug who gave and has given us a lot of love over the years. Boss was not a show dog when neither the time nor interest existed. His father was Filosofias Piero, a well-known and successful pug in the show rings.

My second pug Hugo came into my life in 2009 and he is fawn. Hugo is the reason for my show interest and passion for the breed. Or that I feel today and many with me a pug becomes easily several pugs and you can not have too many.

Our dogs are really family dogs and they live with us at all hours. I am a "pug mum" full time.

Hugo is also the reason for my decision to start a kennel, and what is more fitting than the name Absolute Pug's when I really love the breed.

It is important that the breeding work is done according to regulations and the standard of breed. This is done to promote healthy dogs, both mentally and physically. 

The Pug is a thoroughly happy and friendly breed that loves everyone and everything.

I am a member of the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) and during 2016 I completed their New Breeder Program which includes:

- Anatomy

- Feeding

- Genetics

- Law

- Breeding goals

I'm also a member of Mopsorden (The Swedish Pug Dog Club) and I completed their Breeder Program in 2014 which includes:

- Kennel Consultant Operations, Regulatory

- Overall objective for Swedish dog breeding

- Law for breeders

- Anatomy

- Instrument for breeding evaluation

Me and Hugo in the show ring.